High visibility colour for helmets in Formula Kite Class Rule

A new Q&A regarding the colour of helmets has been published on www.formulakite.org.


Which colours are considered as ‘high visibility colour’ for helmets in Formula Kite Class Rule C.3.2.b.1?


In reference to other applications of high visibility colours, the IKA considers luminous yellow (e.g. RAL 1026), luminous red (e.g. RAL 3024, 3026), luminous orange (e.g. RAL 2005), luminous green (e.g. RAL6038), luminous pink (e.g. RAL 4010) and equivalent as compliant colours. It is highly recommended to use fluorescent (neon) colours to increase the visibility on water.
Much darker and lighter shades of the colours above as well as colours like turquoise, blue, brown, white, black, chrome and gold are not considered as compliant with CR C.3.2.b.1.
As a guidance the colour chart below gives an indication of the colours and shadings mentioned above, please be aware that colours might differ based on your display settings or printer.