The SKA Club consists of active and passive members as well as other kite clubs being members of the SKA. Active members receive a Swiss Sailing membership card which allows participating at national or international World Sailing sanctioned competitions. Members of kite clubs affiliated with the SKA become automatically passive members of the SKA and can become active members for a reduced price.

The following affiliated clubs are currently members of the SKA:


Association Romande de Kitesurf

Kite Club Uri

Kitesurf Club Schweiz

Kitesurf Club Sihlsee

10 advantages as SKA member

  1. Active members receive a Swiss Sailing membership card and can participate in national and international World Sailing sanctioned kite competitions

  2. Support the Swiss competition scene

  3. Support the professionalization of the sport

  4. Strong political lobby thanks to the Swiss Sailing membership

  5. Officially sanctioned competitions (World Sailing, Swiss Sailing, Swiss Olympic)
  1. Support the education of officials (judges, trainers, etc.)

  2. Support the development of kitesurfing within J+S

  3. SKA is a member of IKA and can influence international competition kitesurfing

  4. Support the Swiss Sailing Team (there are currently 7 Olympic talent cards)

  5. Swiss Sailing benefits for active members (deals on cars, insurances, mobile)

Become a Member of SKA